Point of Sale Price List

Below are the prices for everything that we ring up on the cash registers.  It is impossible for us to have a button (a price) for all possible situations and amounts.  For example, while we have three prices (small, large, and extra large) for french fries, we are still estimating which button to click.

Also, we have the ability to ring up the main lunch entree as a full meal or minus one side (like the veggies) or even minus 2 sides.  However, this depends on how much you choose to put on your plate.  For example, if the entree is a chicken pasta bake and you load up the plate completely with only the chicken and pasta and you do not take the veggies or the garlic bread, we may charge the full price.  By the same token, if you load up the dish with a huge serving and still take the garlic bread and the veggies, we may charge an extra dollar or two.

This is to insure that we are fair with every one, especially with those who take normal servings.

Thank you for your understanding!!!

Victor, Paul & Katie